Need an engineer? Come meet our skilled team

Here at Chooks, we have a skilled team of engineers that are committed to providing top-quality workmanship. Some of our engineering services cover adding tow bars to repairs on utes and trucks, manufacturing and repairing, fencing and framework.

Our team has the right tools to get your project finished

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What others say

Hi. Picked up our new garden trolley trailer today and already used it x4 times the first day of its arrival. Much needed addition to our team thanks guys.

We had a special trailer made to specific measurements to carry motorcycles… Chooks Pumping and Engineering made the trailer to a very high standard for a very reasonable price. They are honest and great to deal with! Highly recommended!!

Headstones Taranaki had a specialist trailer built by the great team at Chooks this was made easy as this trailer was a design and built as the team worked on it and in lockdown
Thanks Guys